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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  August 25, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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right now:a city bus that got stuck in a sinkhole - is out! but there's a big watery mess left behind... take a look from our penguin
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van buren -we're told the sinkhole was caused by a nearby water main break.there were no passengers on the bus when the road collpased underneath it around 3:30... now the bus has been pulled out of the sinkhole... but the water is still gushing.police want you to avoid the area.. until they clear the scene. also happening right now: state troopers are looking for an escapee.he was in the back of a patrol car... but managed to get his hands from behind his back... and open the door... using the outside handle!the window was open for air. troopers picked him up during a traffic stop in sun city. we've asked d-p-s for more soon as we get it... we'll as soon as we get it... we'll send it your way. and glendale police are searching for a father and his infant son... ramon salas left
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old boy.he was going to pick up his girlfriend and mother of abraham in east phoenix... but he never showed up. he was last seen driving a grey 2002 ford f-250 truck. with arizona license plates.. b-p-x-9-4-6-5.if you know anything, call glendale police. ((anim...)) 3 from a tip from our community.." tonight... a whopping 75- thousand dollar reward is now being offered to help catch a serial killer. investigators have tied that serial killer... to seven murders around phoenix since 5's donna rossi joins us live from police headquarters.. where for the first time during this investigation... we heard from the phoenix police chief. chief yahner held a news
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the agencies helpign with this investigation. aside from the increase in the reward - there was really no new information released regarding the hunt for this killer. phoenix police are pleading with the community to call in tips about the serial street shooter. in his first address to the media about the case - police chief joe yahner said the public holds the key to the catching this killer. 3 1620 chief joe yahner - phoenix police department says: we haven't had one since july 11th and the bottom line is that's ea custody and bring him to justice 1629 because we have 7 we have more victims than that but we have 7 people that have been killed 1633and while many of the shootings have taken place in maryvale the crimes are not confined to the west valley. 3 5405 mayor greg stanton - city of phoenix says: sadly there has been tragic activities by this shooter out of maryvale in other parts of the city and there's no reason to think that if we don't catch this killer soon that he might not move on to other parts of the valley as well 5718 today we learned that fbi behavioral analysts are involved in the case but they would not release what "profile" of the shooter they've come up with. and if anyone with information
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status ... the county attorney put that concern to rest. 3 bill montgomery 1424 and i will not accept for charging any case that arises out of someone's immigration status that was revealed as a consequence of this investigation 1433 no charges whatsoever from my office 1436 the chief said they are working this case 24 /7 and resource they can to make an arrested. reporting live in phoenix donna rossi cbs 5 news. here's another look at that sketch... if you know anything, call silent witness at can remain anonymous. new developments tonight in another serial shooter case one-time i-10 freeway shooting suspect, leslie allen merritt.... wants his 9mm gun
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to happen... at least not right now.. merritt was not in court today.. but his attorneys argued that the state should return merritt's handgun... prosecutors have had the weapon since merritt's arrest nearly a year ago..all charges have been dropped...and merritt was released after spending more than 200 days behind bars.a d-p-s detective testifed that their crime lab has twice linked the gun to the the judge ruled the gun will remain in state custody for now...
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investigators say the soul.she fired a single bullet at the truck... saturday night.. hitting the bed of the pickup.they say the woman was driving all over the road just before the shooting. if you have any information... contact d-p-s. with the state primary just days away, we are in of the election with the state primary days away we're in the heart of the election season. a time where candidates and the parties are looking to score political points. tonight a group of democrats and hispanic activists are trying to turn a new attack on arizona senator john mccain. >> reporter: political correctness is one of the hot button issues in this year's election cycle. this is a story that will fit inside that debate. senator john mccain is well
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over and over. >> i lost and slept like a baby. sleep two hours wake and you happen cry. >> reporter: he's taking heat over a joke he's been saying. one of the saddest thing about politics is you can't use jokes except about the irish. hispanic groups say retire it immediately. >> any type of cultural joke that diminishes or degrades a people is a joke that's unacceptable. >> it's about understanding your constituency and a third is latino. >> reporter: the general election is around the corner and some are saying they're just trying to score some political points. as far as mccain is concerned he doesn't seem to be too worried about the criticism sending us a
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a slow news day. dennis welch, cbs 5 news. >> senator mccain looks to be gaining a strong lead in his quest for reelection. a new poll shows he's leading kelly ward by about 24 points. that's his republican challenger. on the democratic side, u.s. representative ann kirkpatrick, seen here, is 13 points behind him when it comes to the general election. that same poll has donald 49% to clinton's 44% among other registered voters. trump will visit the valley next wednesday. campaign managers say he won't speak about immigration and scheduled to talk about party unity. staffers blamed a staff error for the mix up. jeff blake may be warming up to the gop nominee. the republican has been vocal in his opposition to trump.
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positions on immigration from at real donald trump. a positive sign. hope it continues amid flak from opponents. stay with cbs 5 news for coverage of the upcoming primary. important city, county, state and senate nominations are up for grabs for republicans and democrats. election day is next tuesday. a valley school locked down not once, not twice but three times since the start of the those lockdowns. you've been hearing a lot about the soring cost of epi pens. a group of valley officers
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a lot of questions are being raised after a series of lockdowns at a valley school. cbs 5 has answers. a letter went home to parents. the school has received three different threats since school started on august 8th. they were put on lockdown each time. all the threats turned out to be bogus.
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seriously. if someone is caught they could be suspended, expelled or face charges. multiple law enforcement agencies will be patrolling the streets of tempe this weekend trying to keep those drinking from driving. officers will all take part in the patrols. they start tomorrow and they run through saturday. no one likes delays when you're traveling. tonight you c weather. real answers about why your plane is behind schedule. a bit later, valley police officers pay it forward to one
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nfl preseason football is back. here's a look at the schedule tomorrow. cbs 5 news will be on from 4 to 5:00 p.m. and then cleveland takes on tampa bay. following the game, join us for the sports wrap and stick around
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it's called the adrenaclick. it's the same medicine and a two pack of the epipen you can if you make the switch, be sure to read the dosage instructions. we knew it was too good to last. after more than a month of lower gas prices the price is going up across arizona. the statewide average for unledded is $2.07 a gallon. that's up four cents. that's less than this week's average of $2.19. arizona drivers will pay the
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decade. here's what you can expect to see on the roadways on the final three day weekend of the summer. triple-a will be busy. 1.5 million people are expected to travel for the holiday. that's almost a 5% increase compared to last year. the majority of the travelers plan to drive instead of fly. speaking of driving, ford announces three recalles to fix more than 113,000 vehicles. first model years 2013 to 2015. a fuel pump problem could cause the engine to stall. the second is 2015 and016 model ford transits that could have faulty fuel injection pumps and the third is for the 2017 ford escape. power windows software needs to be recalibrated. if you own one of these vehicles take it to a licensed ford dealer for repairs.
6:48 pm you can no longer blame the weather or the meteorologist for your delayed flight. a new bloomberg report is pointing the finger at the airlines themselves. mechanical issues and crew scheduling is the leading cause of scheduling calling them airline miscues. the report found delays have actually dropped to historic lows in recent months. i'm surprise withed the dust we had earlier tonight. there was no delays at sky harbor. >> it was and it wasn't that gusty as well. it was the thunderstorm south of the mountains that pushed across the desert areas. for us in the valley here's our main story. we have a few temperatures in the mid-90s. we showed you the blowing dust. they're in the mid-90s in chandler, mesa.
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it's cooler in the upper elevations. a lot of rain and showers and thunderstorms across the upper elevations. not too much in town. let's pinpoint it for you. here's the valley. you can see the flow out of the southwest. if we had storms developing over here i'd be more concerned. right now we're out of the woods in terms of major storminess here in town. here's a live look outside. our humidity is up a little bit. dew point is at 50. not a full lo right now. it'll be back tomorrow. through the evening temperatures cooling down for the 80s. here's our future cast model. through tomorrow afternoon it sweeps the moisture up out of the south. more storms in the high country. in and around the valley in the afternoon hours we'll see more showers late tomorrow night into saturday morning popping up over the mountains and that can spill
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statewide for tomorrow, bull head city and about 100 degrees. same thing here in town, 70s around prescott. we continue to see the isolated afternoon thunderstorms. they'll increase in intensity tomorrow night into saturday morning and even sunday the possibility. not a lot of it but we'll cool off tomorrow as well. mainly in the 90s. they devote helping others. valley police officers need help themselves every so often. the kindness of friends can make all the difference. >> what are you going to do with it? >> reporter: 9-year-old sabrina can't go to school, play outside or hang out with her friends. >> you want to put your kid in a bubble. at this point she can't afford to get sick. >> reporter: just a couple months ago the 4th grader was
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aplastic anemia. it compromises her immune system. her father eddie is a police officer who has had to miss a lot of work to care for his daughter. >> you spend day in and day out helping other people and seeing other families and you never expect toit hit home. >> it's been very difficult for the family. >> reporter: fellow officers have seen what they're going through emotionally and financially. they reached out to cbs 5 to family. >> this is something i wanted to do from our squad. if you're not at work you're still in our thoughts and prayers and you're still a major part of our life. you're a man that is taking care of his family and done so much for us and our squad. we would like to give you $500 for you and your family and use that money any way you see fit
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we love you. >> it's amazing i have coworkers and friends and pretty much family. they've offered to do almost anything. it's amazing. it's the kind of people i work with. we take care of each other like that. >> reporter: jason barry, cbs 5 news. >> if you would like to nominate someone for pay it forward, head z23ekz zvpz
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tablet your go to babysitter? limit screen time and there are others say let them explore away, no time limits. answers parents will want to do tonight at 10. well, what goes up must come down. ambitious dominos artists it was 10 levels from becoming the second tallest in the world. seven hours of work and 3,000 dominos came crashing down. nobody looked upset except that guy. we're back here for cbs 5
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i'm sorry, who is mike drop? (chuckles) oh, hey, penny, do you want to go to the airport with me later to pick up my mother? sure. thanks. no problem. hey, penny, um, since you're already gonna be at the airport, do i need to go? why don't you want to get your mother from the airport? well, i can do without the 40-minute car ride where she criticizes every aspect of my life. she can cover it in a car ride? i could do 40 minutes on your posture alone. o pick up your mother all by myself? hmm, i just feel like it would be a good chance for you to bond. or a way for you to avoid her? i don't know what he's putting on those cards, but you are smarter than ever. fine, if you really want me to, i will pick your mom up. seriously? yeah, you know what, she is my mother-in-law, and i'd like for us to have a good relationship. that is very mature of you, so i'm gonna go ahead and say, ?suckah.? all right, back to learning. okay. (clears throat)


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